Enrol patients online, easily

Our online forms for New Zealand GPs digitise enrolling and managing new patients. We save you time and money and make their experience effortless.

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How it works

Patients reach the enrolment page for your practice; they fill out a simple form which gives them hints and checks their answers; we validate the form and turn it into a PDF for you, then email it and any supporting evidence to your practice, perhaps with a health questionnaire as well. Then your practice staff can add it to your PMS. Skip to a video

Why it's better

We can dramatically reduce error rates, saving your practice administrative time and effort. Because we make enrolling easy, paperless, and remote, you're more likely to be able to reach under-enrolled patient populations, increasing health equity. And we make sure your enrolments are secure, respect privacy and collect all legal requirements.

Getting started

Pricing starts at $39 per month. Your first month is a free trial; signing up takes about five minutes. If you don't want to start with a free trial, you can see a demonstration form. This will let you imitate a new patient enrolling at a practice, then send a rendered enrolment form to an email address you choose.


Your enrolment form will reflect the needs of your practice; you can customise it by adding your own questions, as well as many other options like letting patients choose a particular practitioner. If you like, you can not let new patients enrol unless they have a code you give them, or unless they click a link you send out.

See the process

Watch the video below for a walkthrough of how our digital enrolment works for patients and practices.