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Enrol with Island Bay Medical

This form is available in English, Te Reo Māori, 简体中文 or हिन्दी.

This website lets you easily enrol with Island Bay Medical, a general practice in Wellington, New Zealand. Please note that this practice has restrictions on enrolment. To enrol you will need a code given to you by the practice. If you do not have a code, or if this is not the practice you want to enrol with, you may wish to:

You do not have to enrol with a general practice to receive care, but most people do. This is because enrolling is free and allows you to pay less for visits to the doctor. Your practice should have given you information about the benefits and implications of enrolling before you complete this form.

Island Bay Medical is associated with a larger primary health organisation (PHO) called Compass Health. Enrolling with this practice also enrols you with the PHO. You can contact the PHO at 04 801 7808.

It's important that you read the practice's Use of Health Information Statement before you begin. This sets out the ways in which the information you provide while enrolling will be used.

Please note: You are likely to need to provide evidence of your identity and eligibility, such as photographs of relevant documents, before you can complete enrolment with Island Bay Medical. You may wish to complete this form somewhere where you have access to photographs of this evidence.